Why kartu kartu?

kartu kartu comes from the phonetic sound of two Lithuanian words. Word "kartu" can be translated to two different words in English. If used as an adjective, it may mean "bitterness", although if used as an adverb, it may mean "together".

On one hand, being together enables something to happen that alone cannot. On the other hand, bitterness as a flavour is something we sometimes avoid because it can be unpleasant. Although, when we find a balance with other flavours, it reveals a fuller diversity of life.

We believe that being together in a consultation creates a very unique space in which many new discoveries about ourselves, about the world around us can be made, and in which many changes take place. There may be some bitter moments in the process of psychological counselling, but we believe that this bitterness can be rewarding and relieving.

kartu kartu - so that when things are bitter, there is someone to be with, someone to talk to about the issues that are important to you, and to understand yourself better.